A human sleeps about 1/3 of his life. Comfort and climate play a central role here.

Accumulated humidity through perspiration between a human and a laying area or a duvet expresses the organism´s intent to cool. However excessive humidity in this well insulated area reduces the effect of this intent and stresses the organism. The consequences reach from waking phases during the sleep to the potential extreme of severe skin tissue damage. SleepView visualizes these climate processes and supports the development of sleep and laying systems with high comfort potential.
The graph on the right shows the humidity between human and mattress in absolute values. It represents the mass output (perspiration) of the organism and is independent of temperature.

Parallel (not shown here) the condition is up to 34°C warm which widely keeps the relative humidity unobjectionable. But the occupant sweats and directly expresses his intent to cool. Knowing these interactions early can be valuable in actively conditioned environments and may support to improve the development of extreme humid zones in passive environments. Climate comfort is always both heat and humidity management.

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SleepView may be used on top or below an occupant

  • Measurement mats with an area of 70 cm x 140 cm (special size on request)
  • Climate neutral design
  • Stationary and mobile usage at any time
  • Representative climate tracking on laying areas with 32 – 62 sensors (standard 46)
  • Setup time of just a few seconds
  • Compatible to all THG AreaView and SWEATOR applications
  • R&D of climate relevant sleep systems and bedding
  • Sleeping bags
  • Medical laying devices
  • Quality Management
  • Control system
  • Product comparison