Inside Comfort – comfort by climate


In the industrial World the interface between human and textile is virtually present in every circumstance. The microclimate developing within these layers is an interaction between heat and humidity and is mainly influenced by the human thermoregulation process. It directly impacts human comfort, human performance and relaxation potentials and bears interesting benefit aspects for many products of everyday life. Our INSIDE COMFORT consulting reveals these processes in the individual client environment and offers professional ways for measurement, evaluation and communication.

We support you in terms of Sales and Marketing consulting, in the project management for specific development topics, as INSIDE TESTING partner with professionally designed test methodologies with ready made products, or simply as a partner for climate comfort related questions of all kind. We are active in various industry segments such as automotive seating, protection wear, technical textiles, outdoor wear, apparel, sleep systems, head protection, technical medical devices, sportswear, and footwear.

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Evaluation models

Comfort is always a matter of subjective sensation and differs from human to human. Thus any evaluation of comfort implies an objective measure on which the evaluation can be based on and which at the same time is valid for all humans. Climate comfort in this light is a balance between heat and humidity management. Humans perceive heat comfort differently. One prefers „warmer“, one „cooler“ environments but what is the optimal temperature which over all is influenced by various external and internal heat impacting sources? We identify the answer in optimized humidity management. Humidity in form of perspiration is a discipline of human thermoregulation and a body own signal for a cooling attempt (heat release). Knowing this measure, analyzing and optimizing it is our focus for more comfort by climate. We would be pleased to consult you.