Inside Testing

Climate measurement in ready made products and real environments

INSIDE TESTING measures and evaluates ready made products of textile patterns to identify their climate comfort attributes. Our approach mainly aims at the humidity management respectively temperature independent humidity development. INSIDE TESTING simulates real application conditions for all test products and compares the developing microclimate over a certain time. In result the test items may be differentiated quantitatively and/or qualitatively.

You may use our services to verify your investment plans into climate measurement and simulation technology or as an external instance to quote your products. Together with our INSIDE COMFORT consulting we can also offer project management support to strategically develop your climate comfort focus or technical innovation.

Occupant testing – qualitative data comparison in real environments

Real people, real environments, real products in a climate chamber or in a field test. The occupant test offers you qualitative insight into the real climatic happenings inside your sleep or seat systems, it reveals different climatic effects within comparable protection suits, head protection or function wear and is always driven by a real thermoregulation activity. Differentiate your ready-made products towards the competition or your own product ranges. We provide a visualization and spread sheet data analysis which offers outstanding information for your Marketing/Sales activities as well as R&D and Management purposes.

Simulation testing – quantitative data comparison in real environments

Various SWEATOR shapes, reproducible heat and humidity input, real environments with ready-made products. Gain qualitative insight into the climatic attributes of your products and start-up a strategic task for professional optimization of the climate attributes of your products.

Scientific monitoring: INSIDE CLIMATE closely operates with scientific instances in order to secure its findings and to further develop its consulting and product offers.