SWEATOR – Overview

Climate simulation in ready made products.

In a cooperation between INSIDE CLIMATE (formerly c.russ-NETCONSULT) and the Institute for applied ergonomics (IfaErg) the SWEATOR climate simulation technology has been developed. SWEATOR is a static, quantitatively reproducible source for humidity and heat. It can simulate the human thermoregulation process with various available test body shapes.

With SWEATOR we offer a powerful simulation technology enabling a broad target group of R&D departments, scientific institutions, as well as test and certification instances to conduct textile technical and apparel physiological key figures in a simple and highly reproducible way.

Depending on the test body shape the SWEATOR-technology offers the non-destructive determination of climatic key figures. Besides the quantification of heat and humidity retention rates valid comfort statements can be conducted without the necessity of complex occupant testing. In connection with THG AreaView microclimate visualization and measurement technology SWEATOR offers professional climate tracking in various textile layers at the same time. Due to this SWEATOR allows to investigate the thermodynamic attributes of single textiles, whole textile systems and furthermore ready-made products.

We would be pleased to inform you in detail. Product shapes, technical data and prices on request.