Climate and footwear

For the analyzation and optimization of humidity and heat buildups within footwear the SWEATOR-Foot has been in successful action for several years. The product (also Torso and Head) offers the option for different sweat releases over the test body shape in accordance to the perspiratory glands of a human body (foot). A fixed hollow foot body allows for the direct application of the SWEATOR-FOOT into ready-made footwear.

We would be pleased to inform you in detail. Product shapes, technical data and prices on request.


SWEATOR-Foot inside a boot

  • Simulation of the thermoregulation of a human foot
  • Reproducible heat and humidity input (sweating)
  • Fixed foot model (size EU 40) to fit footwear of all kind
  • Infinitely variable heat supply (max. 100 W)
  • Water vapor output only, now direct liquids (wet spots)
  • Multilevel Control Unit with Touchscreen
  • Simple handling, quick setup time
  • Climate simulation within ready-made foot wear
  • Comparison of the climate attributes of different footwear
  • Development of climate comfort attributes