BodyView is unique for tracking body and body near climate. Standalone sensors can be placed at almost any spot between skin and textile to track heat and humidity developments. Is the human being the source of the climate BodyView directly shows the organism´s need for heating or cooling. Comfort and performance potentials can be derived from that. BodyView is also suitable for climate measurement inside of systems such as automotive seats. BodyView like any SWEATLOG AreaView application creates a 2D-image of a climate area. In addition because of its stand-alone sensors it can also detect climate in various layers (see below). Starting from skin
level to T-shirt and long sleeve to the outside of the jacket several climate layers occur indicating the heat and humidity path throughout a whole apparel system. The longer a human can act in a warm/dry environment the longer he can tap full performance respectively recovery potentials.

Climate is comfort.

Product applications, technical data and prices on request or download our brochure “Microclimate is visible” here.

Heatmap SWEATLOG BodyView

Climate within various textile layers



SWEATLOG BodyView with 7+1 sensors
(max 18/unit)

  • Measurement spider with up to 18 stand alone sensors, e. g. upper body
  • Representative climate tracking in single or various textile layers.
  • Climate neutral design – fully dewable with water vapor
  • Remote and stationary usage any time
  • Weight of unit appr. 160 g
  • Setup time of just a few minutes
  • Development of climate active apparel, lingery, outdoor wear, sleeping bags, protection clothing, footwear, gloves, fleece, etc.
  • Application within systems such as car seats, mattress cores, several layers of apparel systems.
  • Measurement in rooms of all kind