SWEATOR-Torso has been designed to meet the needs of sleep systems and laying areas in general. TORSO contains two independently controllable heat and humidity sources for the back and front part of a human upper body. The anatomically shaped surfaces and weight allocation enable realistic test scenarios on mattresses, duvets, mattress covers or laying areas of all kind. The TORSO can also be operated one-sided only. In connection with THG SleepView and BodyView whole sleep systems can be climatically measured, evaluated, and categorized.

SWEATOR-Torso is currently in development to also simulate microclimate for apparel purposes.

We would be pleased to inform you in detail. Product shapes, technical data and prices on request.




SWEATOR-Torso with SCU control unit

  • Simulation of the thermoregulation of a human upper body
  • Reproducible heat and humidity input (sweating)
  • Fixed torso model (without extremities)
  • Weight of device variable
  • Two independent control circles for heat and humidity (back and front)
  • Infinitely variable heat supply (max. 100 W)
  • Water vapor output only, now direct liquids (wet spots)
  • Multilevel Control Unit with Touchscreen
  • Simple handling, quick setup time
  • Climate simulation in ready-made sleep systems
  • Climate simulation on laying areas of all kind
  • Climate simulation for ready-made apparel
  • Comparison of climate attributes of various products or product families
  • Development of climate comfort attributes