HeadView visualizes the heat and humidity developments within head protection applications.

The body releases a considerable amount of heat over the head. Accumulated perspiration humidity within a head protection device decreases the effect of the heat release. The consequences reach from uncomfortable heat and humidity sensations to decreased performance potentials. HeadView offers the optimization of climate comfort within head protection devices of all kind.

Looked at bike helmets as an example it can be shown that the head with support of head wind is well and widely aerated. Standing still, however, considerable differences can occur quickly. Convection between head and helmet is limited or interrupted. But especially when standing still heat and humidity holdups are perceived as uncomfortable from the users. The less aeration a helmet offers the larger these heat and humidity holdups may be.

HeadView can support to unfold weak spots for heat and humidity holdups and creates room for improved comfort within head protection.

Product applications, technical data and prices on request

Heatmap SWEATLOG HeadView

Heat and humidity holdups around the heat during standstill


HeadView hood with accessories

  • Measurement hood with 15 sensors over the head
  • Representative head climate tracking
  • Climate neutral design, fully dewable (water vapor)
  • Remote and stationary use any time
  • Weight of one unit appr. 200 g
  • Setup time just a few seconds
  • Optimization of helmets, hats, caps, and other head protection.
  • HeadView can also be used as a BodyView unit.