SeatView has been developed for the automotive industry and has been adopted from various recognized car producers and tier1 suppliers today. Whether it is an active of passive climate solution SeatView tracks and visualizes the live development of heat and humidity flows in the comfort zone between human and seat. Combined with BodyView also the seat core becomes climate transparent. Identify thermic and hydrographic weak spots and optimize your climate relevant systems with SeatView technology.

The thermo-hydrographic image sequence below shows one of 2,500 images of a human back with a running seat heating. The temperature (left chart) and absolute humidity (right chart) both increase parallel. The organism reacts upon the external heat source almost immediately and starts to perspire. Despite the unobjectionable relative humidity (middle chart) of this momentum in fact absolute humidity instantly starts to accumulate between driver and seat. It becomes warm but at the same time humid which may negatively impact comfort over the course of time.


Live climate profile of a human back with the seat heating turned on

Product applications, technical data and prices on request or download our brochure “Microclimate is visible” here.


SeatView operational on a car seat

  • Measurement mats with areas of 0.4 m² and 0.5 m²
  • Representative seat climate tracking with 50, 57, or 62 sensors
  • Setup time of just a few seconds
  • Robust climate neutral construction design
  • Mobile and remote usage
  • Universal data export via USB 2.0
  • Compatible to all THG AreaView and SWEATOR applications
  • R&D of climate relevant seat solutions
  • Quality Management
  • Test driving (stationary/field)
  • Material comparison
  • Product comparison
  • Control system