Climate and textile patterns/compounds

Simulating the human perspiration process SWEATOR focusses on the development of water vapor and avoids – like a human being in a physically non active state – the build-up of direct wetness. The base model SKIN allows for the testing or the comparison of textile patterns or textile compounds which for example are used in ready-made apparel. SKIN offers a climate field of 20 x 30 cm. The patterns are mounted on the device and are treated with a defined and constant amount of heat and humidity. The SWEATOR-SKIN will be delivered with an advised measurement procedure for best practice climate tracking and evaluation.

We would be pleased to inform you in detail. Product shapes, technical data and prices on request.


SWEATOR-Skin – example

  • Simulation of human Thermoregulation
  • Reproducible heat and humidity input (sweating)
  • Infinitely variable heat supply (max. 100 W)
  • Reproducible humiditiy rates (appr. 15g/m²h)
  • Measurement field 14,5 x 19,5 cm
  • Multilevel Control Unit with Touchscreen
  • Water vapor output only, now direct liquids (wet spots)
  • Simple handling, quick setup time
  • Identification of climate attributes of textile patterns or textile compounds
  • Investigation of climate development between human and textile (simulation)
  • Approximate determination of RET and RCT values based on ISO 11092
  • Quantitative development of climate comfort attributes